Monday, June 18, 2007

Ty and Doc

When Startoons hired staff to handle the shows we worked on for Animaniacs season four, the full time staff doubled almost overnight. Here is a shot taken in the assistant's room at the 900 ridge road building of Ty Jones and Mike "Doc" Reidy. This little room housed about maybe 5 guys when it really fit about 3. As I remember, they shared the space with Mike Feeney, Mike Fritz, and Vince Proce. It also fit a slop sink for the BG department paints, although we were moving to digital production for our commercial work so it didn't get much use other than to clean some coffee cups :)

Ty worked for Startoons on two separate occasions, and was doing animation for Startoons on his second tour of duty. The character I most remember Ty animating was the Lion in Tommy Nelson's "The Crippled Lamb" special, voiced by Mark Hamill. I also remeber Ty being pretty darn good at the video game Tekken on Playstation 1. Doc did a lot of assisting at Startoons. He worked through the Animaniacs and Histeria shows, and I believe some of the one-off shows like "Bingo" and "Watts on your Mind". Interesting fact, Doc was a model for Alex Ross' Uncle Sam character. After Startoons, I remeber Doc working for Chicago's Calabash animation and Cartoon Network in Atlanta.

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