Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wall Ad

During the "Non-TV" years, we picked up a slew of odd commercials. Some were pretty cool - Like a campaign of Charlie the Tuna commercials where Charlie would show up in real life situations - rotoscoped into shots with loving detail. There were lots of Toy ads too - Chicken Limbo, Gooey Louie, and Mousetrap are clear in my head.

Then there were some local ads, like this one for Homemakers furniture. I almost forgot about this one - and rightfully so. But I know those are my drawings of two very plain yellow walls with faces on them. Wally and Wanda are their names as I relearned from this article. All I remember is they slide apart and talk to each other - pretty easy stuff - which probably fit into their budget.


rontoon said...

Just when I thought I had deleted this awful memory... the walls are closing in on me!!!

Jon said...

This was really the crowning achievement of our studio. Great to read Feldman bragging on themselves about this one.