Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whaddaya doin' ya nut

This pic looks like it could be in the 900 Ridge Road building. I don't know the history of how many Startoons offices had standard white walls. It's a picture not taken at Jon's "ivory tower" animation desk, so I'm assuming it's a publicity shoot.


Jon said...

Yes this would've been at 900 Ridge. Gads, those "ivory towers" ... they sure looked good on paper (unlike me - where the hell did you find all these BAD shots of me?!).

RonToon said...

I remember the time I pointed a red laser onto the animation paper that Jon was drawing on. It startled him so much that he jumped outta his seat. I stopped laughing my ass off when it looked like he was going to gently kill me. Lesson: never mess with the big guy while brain in progress ; )

Jon said...

Yeah, when my brain engages, everyone's in peril.