Friday, June 22, 2007



Goldskeleton said...

Geeze, After seeing this cartoon from the vantage point of almost ten years later, I feel kinda bad about making such a mean-spirited drawing.

Maybe I used to be more casual about that stuff, but as I get older I realize that it's not cool to make jokes at the expense of someone I respect so much, not only as a professional who's art I've always admired, but as a person who has influenced the life of everyone at StarToons...

My apologies, Preston Blair.

Jon said...

Huh? Mean-spirited? Offensive? I thought that was hilarious. I bet Blair woulda thought so too.

Dave Pryor said...

That's just like John - always so serious, and then waiting... waiting... joke way at the end.

Maybe Feen will break his other knee so we can draw more pictures like this.

Goldskeleton said...

Hmmm, maybe I went a little too over the top with that one if it even fooled Jon. It was a classic Griffin "Misdirection Zinger". I HAD to make the middle part sound plausible, or the Preston Blair punchline doesn't work. I think I put it too far from the rest of the text.
Okay, well I tried subtlety and it didn't work. How about this instead:
"Feen, you are a miserable, gimpy bastard. I'm glad you enjoyed my cartoon depicting you in unimaginable pain. If you were half a man you'd break the other knee so I could draw more cartoons about it.

I'm still wondering about the "Love" part... maybe he wants to keep that secret until his promotion is finalized.