Sunday, June 17, 2007

More on Drivers License Frizbee Golf

To add to Phil's pics, here's another. This "game" is one that we often discuss as one of the most memorable moments in Startoons history. Here you can see Steve Bowler (orange hat) giving his license a toss.
We really did try to get Andy's license out of the wall. We looked pretty darn hard for it - but it was gone for good.
If you look on the back wall, those pictures hanging are Warner Bros. painted cels featuring their famous characters on different amusement park rides. This was a project Startoons did. I think it was Kevin Barber who did most of it (correct me if I'm wrong). The art was sold at the Six Flags amusement parks as limited edition art.


Phil G said...

Absolutely. We tried like hell to get Andy's license back. Shining a flashlight down into the wall from a ladder. I can't remember if it was visible down there or not.

In this picture, Steve is shooting from the front desk of the office. In Bamboo Blue terms, the photographer would be near the front doors of the restaurant, with Steve shooting from behind the main reception desk.

Bowler said...

Ha ha ha oh god I don't even remember doing this.

aseery said...

Ah yes, the old drive license. The rest of the story gets real interesting.
After leaving Chicago, I moved back to Colorado with my folks (No Phil, I'm not Canadian). One day, my father got a call from the Boulder police, saying that they had found his drivers license in a stolen wallet.( My father and I share our first name). He went to the police and claimed the wallet. There was my drivers license inside. There was also some credit cards and such in there, so he contacted the credit card company to track down who's wallet this was. He got a womans name from Flossmoor Ill. Eventually my father called her and got the full story. Her son, who was working demolition at the time, had found the drivers license. He then, apparantly used it as a fake ID on his vacation to Boulder Colorado. While there, he was mugged and his wallet was taken and apparently discarded by the muggers and finally into the hands of the original owner.
100% true story. You just can't make this stuff up.

BTW, I'm a much happier person now, I appologize for being so damn serious while working at Startoons.