Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey guys. Having a lot of fun reading through these entries. Especially the old photos and such. At any rate, I know most of the guys here have seen this, but I threw M7 up on YouTube awhile back, and figured I'd embed it here for the older guys who didn't work at the new office to see. Apologies for the audio getting out of synch. When I made the DivX edit of it ages ago the audio somehow got out of synch. I can't find my original huge .avi of it anywhere to re-rip it. It's probably in a box in my basement.

The guys who helped work on it (that I remember) are:

Kurt: animation/character concept
Djordje: animation
Thor: assisting
Chad: assisting
Phil: BGs
Doug: layout concept/layouts

Speak up if I missed anyone.


Dave Pryor said...

That's still some pretty sweet timing on this. Looks great - I wonder if Warners got to see this when we were going for that Justice League work.

Bowler said...

I have no idea if Warners saw it. I know Ruegger liked it a lot, but I don't think he was there or in charge at the time.

I heard a rumor about the Justice League test we sent. I heard that they saw it and accused us of using "ringers" to complete the footage so we'd get the work and then do a normal job on it, which is why we didn't get the bid.

Jon said...

True story. Sander Schwartz, the New Tom Ruegger of Warners, turned us down based on having used a ringer. Our ringer was pretty much Vince Proce ... might of had ring-WORM, but he wasn't no ringer.

Tom Ruegger's departure from WB signalled the end of our longstanding relationship. Pretty frail basis for sustaining business, I guess. Live and learn.

Jon said...

And by the way, yeah, RUegger liked this piece. It was sweet dude, no denying it!

rontoon said...

I LOVED compositing and putting this all together! My strongest memory is of Bowler attempting to scan in all of his drawings and constantly swearing at the scanner! Made me laugh to see one of the non-bar residents share in our daily pain : )