Sunday, June 17, 2007

Startoon's Animaniacs in Screen Magazine

Here is an inspiring article from the Startoons heydays. What an exciting time it was back then - getting so many shows to work on at once for a boutique studio. This article came out August 2, 1993. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't STARTOON the name of the early Pre Punk Power Pop band from Brooklyn (1975-current), who gave us such classics as "ROCKIN ON THE BOWERY" CO 1000 Anamaze(1977), "BIRTHDAY HEAVEN" b/w "WHO'S BEEN NAUGHTY" CO1001 Anamaze, 1978, "HUMANS BEING HUMANS" b/w "WE CAN HAVE A PARTY" CO!))@ Anamaze 1982 and "SUMMER VOLCANO" b/w "AFFECTIONATE TYPE" CO 1003 Anamaze 1983. Great Band, originator of the Term STARTOON and coined by K.L. Druiz and Cosmo Ohms (Designer of the world Famous CBGB and OMFUG Tee Shirt and Logo seen all around this here planet. The Name STARTOON came directly from Spirit and has been "Adopted" by many, without giving proper recognition of it's rightfull authors, who put this word and concept together.