Monday, September 3, 2007


The very first project i worked on at Startoons was "THE FAT CATS." (A short done for Cartoon Network.) It was a very exciting time for me and i was thrilled to be working on an actual cartoon, assisting the fantastic animation by John McClenahan and Dave Pryor.I learned a ton and we all had alot of laughs.
Anyway,...after the first Fat Cats wrapped i thought i would pitch some concepts for a follow up in case there was to be one.One of the ideas was for Louie and Elmo to become plumbers. Lots of comedy possibilities when toilets and raw sewage are present.The episode was to be entittled "CLOGGED BRAINS." Above are a few of the sketches i did of possible trucks and a tittle card to sell the idea. Dave Pryor saw what i was doing and added his own Visual development. AH,...GOOD TIMES. Let's get "the band" back together and make this baby.


Jon said...

Cool, Kev! As soon as we can scrape together $150K, we'll make it!

Love those ... never saw 'em before.

I always thought Looey & Elmo would be a nice property ... some day I'll tell you what I've learned about selling cartoons (after I've left my current employer).

RonToon said...

Hey... remember Creole Creek? Zoinks!!!

Dave Pryor said...

Ugh - I do remember drawing those. Jon was so nice to give me a shot at animation on this show. I knew almost zilch about how to draw them on model. It was a struggle and I remember wanting to emulate the style so badly - but I couldn't hide how green I was.

Kevin Barber said...

Hey Jon,

Yeah,..i would love to pick your brain about some of your more recent ventures.Maybe we should all have another reunion soon.


We were all green.(Except Jon.) That's why it was so exciting. We were sponges.

Jon said...

Oh yeah. That's right ... I was never green!

The cool thing about green things is that they often produce good fruit.

I had a lot better success picking green bananas at the Animators Grocery Store than when I'd come back with the ripe ones.