Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In the hall of Startoons

Here's a happy picture of Me behind Kurt and Caroline - drinking (hic!). This is right outside John Griffin's office, and I like to play the game of trying to remember exactly what was up on the walls at the time. Mostly a bunch of in-jokes and caricatures of workmates getting hurt in some humorous way. I can't make out the three hanging items in the foreground on the left, but right behind them is a foam board poster for a show that Startoons Pitched called "Mixed Nutz". This was created right before I started working at Startoons in '92 or '93. It was a slew of characters with their own shows combined into one series - very much like Animaniacs in a way - like the one off Rita and Runt stuff (but way better). I think most of the characters were designed by Spike. Maybe someone can remember the names. What I remembered the most was a Ray Rayner type of dog that would have a show about building things, and a detective show featuring a Girl named Cindy and an old magician rabbit. Maybe someone can step in here and fill in the details. On the right side is a poster for the Tommy Nelson/Fancy Monkey show "Little Dogs on the Prairie". The third and unfortunately final show in the series.

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Goldskeleton said...

Gee, it pains me that I don't remember what was hanging up outside my own office. I do know that the black and white image across from Kurt's head was a joke video cover for Tommy Nelson's "The Crippled Lamb", which I supervised the animation for.
In MY version, it shows the title printed above a cooked lamb chop on a plate. Obviously back in biblical days they would have just killed and eaten a crippled lamb rather than wasting hard work and precious resources to keep it alive. They certainly would not have let them sing or read the bible.
I think perhaps the topmost drawing is the famous cover from the unproduced Little Dogs Vol.4, which shows Gilroy singing a song entitled "When your guts are filled with pit-vipers".
Don't ask.