Sunday, June 15, 2008

MACK HAMMER Productions

Jon has a new company and a new website!


Perry Z. said...

Hey Dave, How goes it? Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Nice to know you are keeping the good name of Startoons alive. Just spoke to Jon on the phone. I'm so glad he and everyone in his family are doing well. Hope you are doing swell also. Hope to speak with you someday soon.
Startoons Alumnus 90-93 (if my memory serves me correctly)
Perry Z.

Oswald said...

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Chris Sobieniak said...

This blog hasn't been updated in nearly a year, I don't think there's more to say than the person maintaining it has moved on. I know the feeling, I try to have a blog too but felt out of favor.

Aaron Hartline said...

im a huge Startoons fan!! I toured the place when I was right out of highschool.

John M. told me to go to Columbia College for animation, now im working at Pixar. Thanks John!!