Sunday, December 30, 2007

More staff pictures

Here are a bunch of pics from Marco. Thanks for sharing!
Vince at his "ivory tower" desk
Djordge at the community internet computer. It's scary to think that this was our only connection to the WWW at the time.
Mike Feeney in his cozy cube
Kurt on the community phone. All the animators and assistants shared one line.
Doug, Andy, and Adrian. This was the layout department, where Doug did almost all our animation layouts at the time.
Caroline and Katie


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy , these are great ! I love studio pictures , everyone at their drawing tables .... ah , thatsa animation !

Anonymous said...

I always dreamed of being an animator one day but I can't draw. Anyway the studio looks nice and lived-in.

Goldskeleton said...

sigh... I wish I had taken pictures of how the place looked back then. Now it is a restaurant and doesn't even look recognizable save for the wooden rafters in the ceiling.
Given the cushy corporate jobs we all have now, it is odd to look back at the absolute mess that we all worked in. Books and papers everywhere. One phone. One internet computer. A lunchroom that used to be a men's bathroom (remember after moving in there were still urinals on the walls as we ate lunch, disguised by potted plants). But I'd never have it any other way! Startoons was like the Millenium Falcon... it was scraped together from pieces, but could out-perform anything you put it up against.

Bowler said...

Oh god I forgot about the urinals in the lunchroom.

I do, however, remember the sewer smell that faintly wafted up from the pipes every so often after they were removed.

Celina Barajas said...

Even though I only interned there the summer of 2000, it was great seeing all of those pictures. I had a wonderful sense of nostalgia. Although now all I can envision is those gosh darn prairie dogs, lol. Are interns part of the Startoons Club?? :O)