Monday, July 30, 2007

Startoons at Comic Con

It was great to see some of the old Startoons gang. In attendance were Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone, Kirk Tingblad, Kurt Mitchell, Kevin Barber, Jason Peltz, John Griffin, and myself. Above are some of the pictures.


Jon said...

Wow. Great to see all the old faces! And that you met up with James Baker! Very cool.

Did Kurt Mitchell stop by and say hi to anybody? He told me he was going to be there.

For some reason I've never gotten into the ComiCon scene. Last year I went to Chicago ComiCon ... met with Kurt Mitchell (who had a booth), saw Ray Cioni (the guy I worked for before I started StarToons) and also Lou Ferrigno (Ye Olde Hulke ... STILL in great shape! steroids?) and Noel Neill who played Lois Lane on TV back when I was a kid. I started blathering on to her about how I had a crush on her as a kid ... a stupid thing to say because A) her husband was sitting right next to her giving me the evil eye, B) when a 51 yr old man tells you he loved you when HE was a kid, it ain't exactly a compliment, and C) it was a bullshit lie anyway. Well ... she signed a photo for me.

I was, however, glad to get out of there, and still wonder what the attraction is. Other than seeing good friends there.

Any interesting discussion on the panels?

Dave Pryor said...

The Con is a great place just to see art in general. Maybe you don't need to be there all 5 days (the crowds are a bit overwhelming), but there is a ton to take in, and you get to meet some artists from all over.
It would be great to get a panel going with you Jon - I think the crowd would be hungry for a panel with you as one of the only WB directors to run his own animation house.
Kurt Mitchell was there - but I failed to snap a picture of him. He did graciously give Griffin a few of his comic books. He had a booth there too but I didn't get by it. I'll have to get a pic at Wizard World.
Mr. Baker was there selling his wares - I usually stop by and say hi. His theme this year was great - a salesman who was slashing prices as if he was going out of business. You can kind of make out his pencil-thin moustache in the picture with his greaseball grin.
Anyway, looks like Tony C is now in the club, so maybe we'll see some stories from him too!